Following last year’s big changes in the costs, rules and regulations of the Post Office, I now have accounts with major UK courier companies.  For orders of only 1 bottle I will continue to use Royal Mail, otherwise shipping will be by carrier.  Orders usually take 1-3 days for UK delivery, depending which day of the week and time you order.

For EU orders of 1 bottle I can use Royal Mail, otherwise carriage will usually be by FedEx as the most economical and reliable.  For all EU orders please contact me before ordering so I can obtain a shipping quote for you.

Royal Mail Postage Changes

As of today, Royal Mail have changed their services and rates.  The cost of sending a single bottle has increased overnight from £5.70 to £10.00, and the cost for 2 bottles has increased from £10 to £15.  If you possibly can, it is far more economical to order 4 bottles.  I shall investigate the costs from courier services also.

There are further restrictions in place on sending liquids by airmail.  There is a limit of one litre which means (since my bottles are 960ml) that I have to post bottles singly when using airmail.  I send larger non-UK orders by courier so this restriction does not apply.

The best thing is to obtain a postage quote from me before ordering, so I can find the best method for you.


Postage Increase

In May Royal Mail  increased their postage rates by about 20%, so I have had to increase the shipping costs in line with this.  I still charge as close to shipping cost as possible.  For larger orders, and for orders within the EU, please enquire before placing your order so I can work out the best method for shipping to you, by Royal Mail or by carrier.


I had a caller at the door one day recently – wanting humic minerals for his orchids!  Apparently it makes THE best Orchid food.  As recommended by the Norfolk Orchid society – get yours here…

Back online!

Hi everyone.  Following our sudden change of server (don’t ask…) two weeks ago, we are now back online with the fantastic humic & fulvic acid.  The good news is that our shop has been rebuilt to be even better, now with Google Checkout too.

We’ll also be adding some new products in the near future, along with some feedback and faq section – so keep a lookout.

Thank you – and apologies for the breakdown in our website!

Best wishes